How to win

The overall winner of HEX will be determined in two rounds of judging. The first round consists of a science fair in which all teams present what they have made. All teams will receive a visit of at least two judges who will select the finalists. The finalists have to present their idea on stage for our main jury. The main jury will select the final winners who will go home with the prizes mentioned below.

All teams will be judged on the following criteria: technical innovation (2x), creativity (2x), execution/demo (1x), polish/design (1x), business model (1x) and pitch (1x).

1st prize

Xiaomi Drone

one for every team member

2nd prize

UE Boom box 2

one for every team member

3rd prize

Chromecast Ultra

one for every team member

Other prizes

Some sponsors will provide extra prices, all of these prizes will be announced soon! Most of these prices can already be found in the description of the challenges.