At Wehkamp they are experimenting extensively with applying machine learning to enhance the shopping experience of their customers. They believe that creating a fantastic shopping experience requires that they make a deep personal connection with their customers. They want to make them feel that they are there to make their lives more beautiful and easier. That is why they are also looking to understand how A.I. can make a personal connection with people. Can they make an emotional impact on the lives of people with our technology? And what can they learn from this research? So, it is not just about building an A.I. robot, but also about an investigation into the human-machine emotional interactions.

Wieden+Kennedy built a robot that has one goal: get to know everyone in the building. The bot needs help and interacts with the people in the building. Using the bot’s need for support to connect makes for surprising interactions and connections. They got a lot of fun and some great learnings on the side. Go see the videos! Luckily, they open-sourced the software and the design.

As this is still a work in progress, let us see how far we can get in 24 hours! Their vision is to build the robot, enhance it in the style of Wehkamp and get needy rolling! In the months after completion, they will track the bot’s progress and see what they can learn!

More information can be found on Wehkamp's website and on Github and NeedyBot

Come up and build the best addition to Needy’s interaction, Wehkamp style. What do you want Needy to do in Wehkamp’s hallways?

Wehkamp will be looking for the following:

  • Will needy’s addition help Wehkamp’s clients in their interaction?
  • What was the demo quality?
  • How did the group work together?
  • How was the reflection and learning in the group?

Come visit Needy! They will throw in lunch and a tour in their warehouse including Needy’s big brother: the warehouse robot.