What is HEX

HEX is a 24-hour challenge in which teams of young rebels that want to make a change try to come up with a good idea or product that will be processed into a demo. To stimulate the diversity and multidisciplinarity of these ideas, we try to aim for the combination of various cultures, studies, and students from different forms of education. Therefore students from all disciplines are welcome. This also creates a step-up for the student community Below The Rivers (BTR). Besides being a platform where no idea is too crazy, HEX is a platform to challenge yourself, and make a difference in the world. On top of that: you will not only participate in an awesome event, you will also have a chance to win great prizes.


Brainport Eindhoven Region, the Dutch Top Technology Region. Situated in a city in which a lot of ambitious and excellent students are situated. Self-development is of great importance in one of the most innovative regions in the world. Being innovative and working on self-development are two key concepts of a hackathon. With the connection between the knowledge students acquire in college and the challenge of a hackathon, we try to stimulate the self-development of the students. These combinations lead more often than not to incredible ideas.

What’s the challenge?

HEX is a 24 hours challenge themed around “Connected”. Nowadays, connections between everyone and everything are everywhere to be found. We have entered the era of a digital society, in which technology is transforming people’s lives through groundbreaking innovations, changing business processes, and influencing decisions. These effects occur due to continuous connections between customers, businesses, and devices. You can think of smart cities or digital and tangible solutions for social or societal problems. One might say connections are the fundamentals of the society of the future. The theme is split up into six different tracks: smart cities, virtual reality, e-commerce, future mobilityhealthtech, and intelligent buildings.